‘Permanent Transformation of a Magician in Ant’

‘Permanent Transformation of a Magician in Ant’ by Valerio Nicolai @ Treti Galaxie, Turin, Italy

Valerio Nicolai’s instillation at the Treti Galaxie, in Turin Italy pushes the boundary of visceral composition and structure.  The exhibition lasts from March 15th to March 22nd of this year. Valerio’s unique concept allows patrons to become an integral part of the instillation, and at the same time assume themselves as compositional pieces while live birds (the intended viewers) buzz around overhead.  To assume a perspective far removed from the human likeness, the patrons consider a broader point a view as neither the birds nor humans cohabitating the space can truly understand each other’s experience. Esthetically the instillation is beautiful; the space is painted with cool hues of pastels and natural colors, but it is the psychological aspect that has us most excited. You can check out another write up on this exhibition, as well as the artist’s Tumblr site referenced below.










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